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Academics, enhance your faculty activity report with speaker events

Academics, enhance your faculty activity report with speaker events 2560 1708 I Need A Speaker

Higher education faculty are tasked with documenting their teaching, scholarship, and service activities in an annual report.

If you’re in academia, you know that your faculty activity report is instrumental in determining rank and tenure decisions.

One way to enhance your activity report is to book yourself for more speaking events or assist in planning some.

Use our directory to promote yourself, increasing visibility for yourself and your college or university. Or use the I Need A Speaker directory to locate speakers on topics of interest to your audiences.

Zombies are for horror movies

Zombies are for horror movies 1707 2560 I Need A Speaker

What do zombies have to do with public speaking?

A zombie is my nickname for a speech that is resurrected over and over again, without changes. Using a zombie speech is the easiest way to ensure a dull, generic presentation with dated material.

Fight the zombies and bring life into your presentation by reviewing, customizing, and updating each time you speak on that topic. If you don’t, your audience may soon resemble zombies themselves.

Improve panel discussions with one advance step

Improve panel discussions with one advance step 2000 1333 I Need A Speaker

If you’re invited to be part of a panel discussion, take the time to coordinate with other speakers before the event.

Make a quick call or drop an e-mail to introduce yourself  and share your talking points. By doing so, you can coordinate your message and avoid redundancy.

This one step will impress your event planner, who wants to deliver the best possible product, and it will create a better audience experience.

Develop rapport and improve your presentation with this easy tactic

Develop rapport and improve your presentation with this easy tactic 2560 1707 I Need A Speaker

Good speakers will tell you that it’s important to know your audience. Great speakers will collect information prior to their speech, then use those details to shape their remarks.

How can you do that? Ask permission to reach out to a few audience members prior to the meeting, conference, or webinar. Prepare two or three questions that you can ask, collecting specific responses that are relevant to your subject matter.

Let me give you an example. Say you’ll be speaking to an audience about consumer behavior. Drop an e-mail to some attendees before you’ve finalized your remarks, and ask questions that can help you customize your presentation. You might want to ask about their most recent purchase or ask how they select from various brands.

When completing your remarks, include specific answers, which you can reference by saying things like, “One audience member reported that …” or “Based on what you’ve told me …”.

There are so many benefits to using this easy tactic. You’ll engage the audience immediately. You’ll delight the event planner for delivering such a customized, thoughtful presentation. And you’ll create a more memorable experience for everyone.

Wishing you a healthy, happy 2021

Wishing you a healthy, happy 2021 1707 2560 I Need A Speaker

The team at I Need A Speaker wishes you and your families a wonderful holiday season. May you have a healthy, happy 2021!

We’ll be back after January 1 with ideas, tips, and resources to help make your new year successful.

Consider creative alternatives to an honorarium or speaker fee

Consider creative alternatives to an honorarium or speaker fee 2560 1709 I Need A Speaker

I’ve participated in enough committee discussions to know that some organizations don’t have the funds to pay speaker fees. Today I’ll suggest that perhaps that fact doesn’t stop the process – with creativity, it can begin a conversation to negotiate terms.

Here are some ways speakers can be paid outside of the traditional transactional model of money for services:

  • Place ads for the speaker’s services in organizational materials.
  • Feature the speaker in social media accounts.
  • Include information about the speaker on your website.
  • Write an article or publish an interview with the speaker in your group’s newsletters.
  • Offer a discount for the speaker’s products to your members.
  • Barter products or services offered or sold by your organization.
  • Extend membership in your organization.
  • Allow use of your organization’s space or resources on a limited basis: printing, video conferencing, etc.
  • Provide testimonials that can be used to promote the speaker.

A creative approach that results in a win-win situation will pay off for everyone!

Use this tip to get more bookings and more audience interest

Use this tip to get more bookings and more audience interest 2560 1707 I Need A Speaker

Imagine if Lord of the Rings were titled People Looking for Something, or Star Wars were titled Conflicts Among People in Space. Not as exciting, huh?

The same is true of your presentation titles. Both conference planners and speakers want to attract an audience. In many cases, interest begins with the title.

Think about your own experience of browsing libraries and bookstores. Whether the books you’re browsing are print or electronic, it’s the title that usually grabs you first.

When writing presentation titles, consider what you can offer your audience to entertain (is the topic relevant?), motivate (will their lives be better?), educate (will they learn something beneficial?), or inspire (will they leave the presentation feeling excited?).

Here are two potential titles for the same presentation:

Content Creators and Use of Social Automation

How to Turn Your Followers Into Customers

Wow! Big difference!

Here’s another comparison:

Sales Training Techniques

The Sales Training Methods Your Competitors Fear

Make your title exciting and memorable. Use active words that will attract attention and demonstrate the benefits of attending the presentation.

When your title is as exciting as your content, you’ll find the audience you seek. Have fun writing!

It’s time to recharge for 2021

It’s time to recharge for 2021 1709 2560 I Need A Speaker

Holiday busy time typically means a slower time for speakers and event planners. In between celebrations, take advantage of the easier pace to make 2021 a success.

Here are some things speakers can do to prepare for the upcoming year:

  • Speakers can take an online course to update your material. You can find dozens of free courses on coursera.org and EdX.org.
  • Update your speaker profile on I Need A Speaker.
  • Reconnect with clients to wish them happy holidays and nudge them toward another speaking engagement.
  • Evaluate your online presence. Consider updating your website, posting video clips of recent events, and add new testimonials.

Planners, here are some ways you can prepare for the upcoming year:

  • Outline their event needs for the year, then search the I Need A Speaker directory to find speakers for those events.
  • Plan your social media content for the year to promote registration for upcoming events.

We’d like to know how we can help you in 2021. Please share your thoughts by e-mailing us at info@ineedaspeaker.com.

We can help with your fundraising efforts

We can help with your fundraising efforts 2560 1707 I Need A Speaker

Your organization may have been unable to conduct its traditional fundraising events due to COVID-19 restrictions. The team at I Need A Speaker developed an option that can help you recover those dollars! Groups like yours plan to use the funds for scholarships, grants, training, corporate social responsibility initiatives, and/or community outreach.

Here’s how the program works:

  1. Agree to promote I Need A Speaker within your organization.
  2. Speakers in your organization join for a special promotional rate.
  3. For each person in your organization who completes a paid speaker registration with I Need A Speaker using your unique promo code, we’ll give your organization a promotional fee!
  4. Event organizers search the directory free and contact speakers directly, eliminating costs typically associated with traditional speakers’ bureaus.

There is absolutely no risk! If no one from your group registers, promoting I Need A Speaker won’t cost you a penny. When speakers join using the specific code we provide, everyone benefits!

Want to learn more? Contact us at info@ineedaspeaker.com.

Do your 2021 goals include diversity and inclusion efforts?

Do your 2021 goals include diversity and inclusion efforts? 2560 2416 I Need A Speaker

In response to recent events, many organizations are developing and implementing diversity and inclusion efforts. Leaders are eager to educate employees, and companies are seeking direction regarding equitable policies and practices.

Some speakers listed in the I Need A Speaker directory are subject matter experts on diversity and inclusion. They can help pave the way to mutual understanding and best practices. Book them today to help plan for tomorrow.

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