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Don’t Make This Rookie Mistake

Don’t Make This Rookie Mistake 318 312 I Need A Speaker

By Tricia Richards-Service

One common mistake that new speakers often make is neglecting the importance of pacing and pausing during their speech. Many inexperienced speakers tend to rush through their content without allowing for natural pauses. This can make it difficult for the audience to follow the message and can diminish the overall impact of the speech.

Effective pacing and well-timed pauses allow the audience to absorb information, emphasize key points, and create a more engaging delivery. It’s important for speakers to practice and be mindful of their pace, incorporating intentional pauses to let ideas sink in and to create a more dynamic and captivating presentation.


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‘A Christmas Carol’ for Public Speakers

‘A Christmas Carol’ for Public Speakers 1829 2560 I Need A Speaker

For fun this holiday season, we imagined what it might be like if Dickens wrote “A Christmas Carol” for public speakers. Would you be chosen to be visited by three spirits tonight?

If so, it may not be because you have a “bah humbug” attitude. In fact, it may be a welcome refresher!

Consider questions you may be asked by the Ghost of Speeches Past: What have you learned along the way that you can use to tweak your message? How could you have better engaged with your audience? What went well, and what might you do differently?

Next might be lessons from the Ghost of Speeches Present. The visiting spirit may ask what you’re doing now to stay current on the topics you cover. Are you using updated examples? Have you considered using new presentation tools?

Our favorite spirit is the Ghost of Speeches Future. That’s because everything that you learned from the past and present will help make you an even better speaker!

We’re not suggesting you awake tomorrow morning and flip open your laptop to get started (but we love your enthusiasm if that’s what you choose to do). We are suggesting that – after you enjoy special time with special people – that you consider past lessons and current updates when planning to take the mic in 2023.

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Ten Things Event Planners Have On Their Wish List

Ten Things Event Planners Have On Their Wish List 1707 2560 I Need A Speaker

As we promised, we wanted to talk about some holiday gift ideas for any event planners in your life.  From tech to desk, we have some ideas that we know will make any event planner burst with excitement!

  1. A 2023 planner–  Papier has planners in a variety of colors and sizes to match your recipients’ taste and personality.  

  2. An iPad–  Starting at just $449, an iPad is a wonderful tool to gift.  From sending those early morning emails to creating presentations and offering bookings, this gift will make an event planner’s life a whole lot easier.

  3. Sturdy tote bag–  Get a wide sturdy tote from Baggu. This bag has plenty of pockets with space for wherever the day takes you. It’s also machine washable and made of recycled products!

  4. Desk accessories–  No one wants a boring workspace! Give the event planners in your life candles, plants, or organizers to make their work space feel a bit more like home.

  5. A Pinch Provisions kit–  Need stocking stuffers? With travel sized bags for any emergency, Pinch Provisions kits are a must buy this holiday season (or all year!). Choose from tech kits, work from home kits, travel kits, and so much more.

  6. Bedtime basket–  With long days of work and traveling, it’s important to enjoy some downtime. Fill a basket with all the essentials for a cozy night in: slippers, a sleep mask, blankets, essential oils and some hot cocoa.

  7. Insulated coffee cup–  For those early mornings with no time to stop at Starbucks, give them a travel cup of their own.  Yeti has a 30 oz insulated cup that is customizable and available in many colors.

  8. Magnetic calendar–  Can’t miss the calendar on the fridge!  Amazon has packs for each month of 2023 at can’t beat prices!

  9. Cell phone stand (for the car)-  Left on Main Street, right on Broad!  Make directions easier and safer with a stand for their car.  Check out Amazon for affordable and sturdy options.

  10.  Pens–  For someone who’s always using and losing pens, trust me, they will love this simple gift. Grab a pack of colorful pens to get them through 2023 in style – we’ve chosen some they aren’t likely to lose!



Photo credit: Yan Krukov on Pexels

Ten Practical Gifts That Will Please Any Speaker

Ten Practical Gifts That Will Please Any Speaker 1707 2560 I Need A Speaker

The holidays are here, and this means it’s time for some shopping.  We know how hard it can be to find the perfect gift for the people in our lives, so we wanted to help.  Let’s look at gifts for public speakers – specifically, things they will always appreciate and will be sure to use!  

  1. An insulated water bottle Speakers need to stay hydrated! When it comes to water bottles and commuter cups, we have been loving the Stanley quencher 40 oz tumbler

  2. A journal–  Get a personalized journal from Papier for speakers’ travels, schedules and brilliant ideas.

  3. Monogrammed stationery/cards–  The Stationery Studio allows you to personalize with names, monograms, and images.  

  4. Organizer tote–  I suggest the Boat and Tote by L.L Bean.  From small to extra large, offered in neutrals and bright colors, this bag is fashionable and useful. Fill it up with some binders, folders, or some of their favorite treats.

  5. Pro membership on Canva Canva is the place to go for creating media posts, preparing slides for speeches, developing your speaker sheet, and so much more.  This subscription will help speakers create content with ease while giving them tools to get creative and bold.  Gift them with this subscription that will become their new best friend (Don’t worry, it won’t replace you).

  6. Digital recorder–  Reviewing and practicing speeches has never been easier.  Get a recorder to help speakers take their words on the go! 

  7. New headphones–  Beats wireless headphones are the way to go for this.  Your favorite speakers are going to need a way to listen to practice recordings while they’re out and about, so it may as well be stylish and fun!

  8. Self-care package–  Remind your speakers that they deserve some down time, too!  Encourage some nice R&R with a care package from a small business on Etsy.  

  9. New luggage–  Away has modern and spacious luggage for someone who is always traveling.  Try the popular Carry-on suitcase, which fits up to a week’s worth of clothing and has 360-degree wheels to move with you wherever you go.

  10. Gift card to their favorite lunch spot–  Break time sandwiches on you!  Panera and Chipotle are always a great go-to for quick midday meals.

Stay on the lookout for our next blog post for gift ideas for any event planners in your life!


Photo credit: Thais Araujo on Pexels

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